Pearce Micro Review

The Pearce Micro Review is an innovative bar review program that combines substantive law with issue spotting and organization. Up front, I explain how to think about each subject as we go into reviewing the law. We move through the material quickly in a series of short videos, roughly following the outlines from the National Conference of Bar Examiners. After that, we review a series of essay questions to get a good idea of how the material is tested. (These questions are not part of the Master Essay Method program.)

This program is a different way to review the law.  Each series of substantive lectures is a couple of hours long – significantly shorter and less thorough than the lectures from the corporate bar review courses. What’s different is that these lectures focus on the most important issues, the ones that are tested most often. They’re essentially annotated versions of the outlines you can get for free right now from the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Why not? The Examiners’ outlines are generic; they’re the standard way all of us are taught to organize the material.

As you go through practice questions – both for the MBE and the Essays – you know you’re going to make mistakes. The purpose of these outlines is not to serve as a resource for you to use for looking up the law. Instead, they exist to give you a framework upon which to build your understanding of the law. As you make mistakes, annotate your outline to reflect the point you didn’t know. This way you reinforce the knowledge at the same time the issue is fresh in your mind. It’s also easier to recognize how important or trivial the point is by understanding how it fits into the big picture of the subject.

For more details, see the frequently asked questions. Remember, if you want personal coaching for the bar exam, I can offer you a lot of guided practice.

Here are the seminars:

The most common mistake is to study too much and not practice enough.