Master Essay Method FAQ

What is the Master Essay Method?

The Master Essay Method  is a bar review tutorial that focuses on essay writing. It covers all the major subjects testes on bar exams across the country, with the focus on national law rather than local content. Specific approaches are presented for each of the subjects, and each seminar reviews eight past bar exam essay questions. The result is a sensible method for creating well-organized, thorough essay answers.

What do I get?

The program includes on-line video seminars on torts, contracts, property, criminal law & procedure, constitutional law, evidence, civil procedure, corporations, wills & trusts, community property, professional responsibility and crossover questions. Each seminar is made up of 9 videos. The total running time of each seminar is roughly two hours.

The written materials include concise approaches for each subject and more than 100 essays with issue outlines and full model answers. The model answers are consistent with one another and with the Master Essay Methos. The materials come in PDF.

How does it work?

The most common mistake made by bar candidates is to study too much and not practice enough. The Master Essay Method can help guide your practice, so that you concentrate on what is most important. Typically, a student will watch the ‘approach’ video for a given subject, and then apply it to one or two of the essays in the seminar. Then the student watches the accompanying video and reviews the outline of issues and the model answer.

It’s appropriate to keep track of your mistakes, and to use them to fuel your study. Obviously you’ve got to do at least a little studying! But the point is to waste as little time as possible. That means only studying material you don’t perform well on.

The skills we are concentrating on are issue-spotting, outlining, and factual analysis.

What is the tutorial component?

That depends on what the student is interested in. We can discuss issues presented in the hypotheticals or black letter law questions. Sometimes is makes sense to go into more practical questions such as time management or outlining technique. It’s possible to review a student’s practice exam writing during tutorial sessions.

What’s the difference between the Master Essay Method and other substantive bar review programs?

The Master Essay Method is far more elaborate and thoughtful than anything else on the market. The materials are better written. The video presentations are more literate.

How does the Master Essay Method help me pass the bar exam?

The Master Essay Method clearly explains the most important law tested on the exam, and it develops and sharpens your skills at outlining, spotting issues, and writing lucid, coherent answers under time constraints. It is set up in such a way that you can work on your own schedule but still have some meaningful structure.

There’s no mystery what bar examiners all over the country are looking for. They want you to show professional competence. That means you have to show you understand what is at issue and how to solve the problems presented. The only way to learn how to give them what they want is by doing as much sensible practice as you can.