MBE: Contracts

Want quick bottom lines about how to get a higher score on the MBE? Here is the Master MBE Method.

Contracts is the most complicated subject on the bar exam. Some of the MBE fact patterns from this subject are as long as essay questions. This is a subject that demands a lot of knowledge and sharp test-taking skills. I recommend you work through all the questions in one sitting. When you review your answers, keep track of your mistakes. Remember that there are two ways to get an MBE question wrong: either you didn’t know the law, or you read the question wrong.

When you make a legal error, it is useful to note it on the Micro Review outline. Keep in mind that annotating an outline with your legal errors is extremely useful. It is “active learning” that reinforces new knowledge. The idea is to waste as little time as possible on reviewing stuff you don’t know. Instead, you want to learn new material and place it in the proper context.

Here are the questions and answer key.

Here is the video seminar about the questions and answers – total running time 1:55:39. Remember that if you click on the playlist button in the upper-left corner you can skip around within the seminar.