Pearce Micro Review FAQ

What is the Pearce Micro Review?

The Pearce Micro Review is an innovative new bar review program that combines substantive law with issue-spotting and organization development. It provides a solid review of the MBE subjects and Remedies, and it includes substantive lectures and more than 40 bar exam hypotheticals.

What do I get?

The program includes on-line video seminars on torts, contracts, property, criminal law and procedure, constitutional law, evidence and remedies.  Each seminar is made up of roughly 15 videos about the black letter law and six videos that review hypotheticals. The total running time of each seminar is roughly three hours.

The written materials include Micro Review outlines and six hypothetical questions per subject.  The materials come in PDF and Rich Text Format. They are designed to be used actively, not merely studied.

How does it work?

The course is designed to be as practical a black letter review as possible. The outlines are based on those of the National Conference of Bar Examiners, and the video seminars generally follow the order of the outlines.

The most common mistake made by bar candidates is to study too much and not practice enough. That’s why we encourage our students to use a word processor to edit and expand the RTF version of the outlines, based on what they learn in practice.

There’s no good reason to spend a lot of time studying complicated outlines in the abstract, nor is there any reason to reinvent the wheel and create your own outline from scratch. But there are excellent reasons to add information to a basic outline after doing some MBE or essay practice. Annotating an outline with this information reinforces the law knowledge in the most practical way.

What is the tutorial component?

That depends on what the student is interested in. We can discuss issues presented in the hypotheticals or black letter law questions. Sometimes is makes sense to go into more practical questions such as time management or outlining technique. It’s possible to review a student’s practice exam writing during tutorial sessions.

What’s the difference between the Micro Review and other substantive bar review programs?

The Micro Review is shorter, more narrow in scope, more practical, and significantly cheaper than programs offered by the corporate bar review companies.

How does the Micro Review help me pass the bar exam?

The Micro Review is designed so you can work on your own schedule but still have an interactive program. It encourages you to become an active learner, by focusing your attention on what you don’t know and by using hypothetical fact patterns to sharpen your issue-spotting and organization skills. The Micro Review helps you learn how to think about the most important and frequently tested issues on the bar examination.